Sermon Series

At New Heights, we mainly preach through the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, which is known as Expository Preaching. Occasionally, we will choose a topic and spend a few weeks digging into it and revealing Biblical truths about that topic. Below you will find our most recent sermon series'. To find more sermons and sermon series, check out our mobile app.


Home Improvement

This series of six sermons will examine ways to improve our home and family. Starting on Mother's Day and ending on Father's Day we'll see what the Bible has to say on the following: gospel women, orphan care, finances, devotion, hospitality, and gospel men.

slave no more

The book of Philemon is a short, concise letter from Paul wherein much grace and restoration is demonstrated. Our series, “Slave No More,” examines the theological importance of reconciliation and redemption. Paul implores Philemon to forgive and welcome his former slave back into his home as a brother. When we’re in Christ, earthly titles have little importance and we begin to understand that we’re all brothers and sisters in God’s family.



The beloved disciple, John, writes his gospel as an argument to prove Jesus’ authenticity as God in the flesh. In “Uncontainable,” we see John meticulously write about a select few of Jesus’ miraculous displays. His teaching is communicated and his passion and resurrection is proven. John doesn’t intend to give us everything about Jesus life, for that is uncontainable in all the books in the world. But John does give us plenty to believe in Jesus.


Victorious Secrets 2

Victorious Secrets 2 is a sequel to a series we did about marriage from Ephesians 5. In the sequel, we examine 1 Corinthians 7 and view marriage as well as sex and divorce. We examine some practical advice for relationships from the apostle Paul that is applicable no matter what your relationship status is.

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