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New Heights Church   INTERNSHIPS


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At New Heights, we think it is vitally important to equip the saints for ministry and we want to invest in you! Through our internship program, you will work directly with our staff and leadership teams and get hands on experience in the department you choose. 

Our internship program is available for men and women age 18-28. It is a 10 week program where you will work with our staff and program specific department leaders. 

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Pastoral Intern (must be male)

Worship Intern

Ministry Intern

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Pastoral Intern

A Pastoral Intern will work directly with lead pastors from all campuses. They will have opportunities to preach, sit in on sermon prep, and work alongside the lead pastors throughout their weekly pastoral care for the church. 

Pastoral Intern Director: 

Pastor Will Basham

Worship Intern

A Worship Intern will work directly with the worship teams from all campuses. They will have opportunities to lead, help prepare for Sunday services, and work with the creative team on other projects such as podcasts, videos, etc. 

Worship Intern Director: 

Nick Sansom

Ministry Intern

A Ministry Intern will work directly with ministry leaders from all campuses. They will have opportunities to serve at each campus, assist other leaders in preparing for Sunday services, and work along side other leaders to conduct outreach opportunities in the community. 

Ministry Intern Director: 

Stephen Wray


10 Wk Program

Your internship will be 10 weeks during the Spring, Summer, or Fall Semesters. Each week will consist of a 25 hour schedule working with your department and the staff as a whole. 



$100/Wk Stipend

You will be given a $100/wk, for 10 weeks, stipend to cover any food/travel expenses that you might have during your internship. Many of your groceries and meals will be provided by your host family.



During your internship, if you live outside of the tri-state area, you will be staying at host home. Many of your groceries and meals will be provided by your host family.



Throughout your internship, you will need a personal vehicle for travel. Your travel will consist of driving to and from your host home as well as commuting to our different offices and campuses for services and meetings. Carpooling may also be available for certain events or services. 



New Heights will provide all reading materials for your development. We encourage you to bring any items that would be helpful  for the internship such as, computer, tablet, books, instruments, etc.


College Credit

If you are interested in college credit for your internship, we would be happy to communicate with your school to see if your internship program would qualify for credit for your degree. 

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