Benevolence Form

Members, regular attendees, and people in our local community may apply for short-term financial assistance from New Heights Church. Priority for assistance will be given to members of New Heights Church (Gal. 6:10) but consideration will be given to regular attendees and others with financial needs, which live in or between the greater Charleston and greater Huntington areas. Assistance from New Heights Church will take into account the use of one’s personal resources, family assistance, and any other variables that factor into your overall financial position.

Our desire is to help you, but we must assure that you are being served in the best way possible while at the same time maintaining financial integrity and Godly stewardship. To do this, we need to understand you and your financial circumstances. This application will give us better insight to your situation and guide New Heights Church in constructing a plan to serve you.

Financial Assistance Application Checklist

1. Complete the Benevolence Application

  • Read the entire document and fill out all information. Include any documentation that is requested or needed, such as your lease or mortgage agreement, bank statements, billing statements, or any other related documents pertinent to your financial request.

* All personal and financial information obtained by New Heights Church will be kept in confidence.
** If you omit any information or documentation, the application could be delayed, denied, or may fail to process.

2. Return completed application with required documentation.

a)  Bills must be in the name of the applicant, and ID may be required for verification.

b)  Once received, our elders will carefully review your application.

c)  Mail or deliver to New Heights Central Office at:

1065 North Main Street Milton WV, 25541



3.Waiting Period

-Please allow at least a week to review and verify the information you have provided.

4. Instruction

-Applicant will be contacted to set up an initial meeting with a representative of New Heights church to review application, get to know the applicant, and to better understand the situation so that you can be best served. You may be asked to meet with:

i. Budget coach or others to assist with finance planning

ii. An elder, finance team member, or a third party that we deem could be helpful as part of the consideration process. Any help may require participation with a local agency or ministry that has expertise in helping with a particular need.

iii. Any and all conditions that are part of the assistance that New Heights Church provides must be agreed upon by signature of this application.

-At no point in this process does New Heights Church promise or guarantee that assistance will be provided to you. All assistance will be in the form of a gift card or check made out to the vendor, landlord, or other service provider very rarely to the individual or applicant. No cash will ever be given.

-This process (documentation and personal interviews), budget coaching, and consideration often requires probing, detailed, difficult, and potentially uncomfortable questions and analysis of the applicant’s personal situation and spending habits. Applicants should be prepared for this potentiality.

** You must summit and fill out every form

If you have any questions during the process, or an urgent need for pastoral care arises, please contact us at or 1-844-HELLO-NH