What Are We


Becoming better chasers of everything in life

refocusing our vision on God and Family


Is what you are chasing in life causing you to feel frustrated and exhausted? 

No matter where we are at in the different stages of life, we chase things. And most of us chase the wrong things with the wrong purpose. Until we fully understand why should be chasing, or not chasing, the things in our life, we won't be able to experience the reward and spiritual renewal that proper chasing provides. 

Are you fully chasing God with everything in you? Couples, are you passionately chasing your spouse and your family? Singles, are you frustrated with constantly chasing after a relationship or happiness outside of a relationship? Sadly, most of us, including myself, aren't great chasers. It takes time, effort and patience. 

But, God created us to be great chasers, and it's only when we focus on Him and take a step back to get a clearer vision that we can become better chasers.


About the Author: 

Hey everyone! My name is Edward King, but I go by T.K. (which stands for Taylor (middle name) King). I live with my wife, Charity, in Athens, TN. I work full time editing video for Reverent Wedding Films. I also co-own Merit Music Group, Verb Records, and Tornado House Studios. I love working with new artists and help them produce and record their music. In my free time, I love watching Netflix, especially The Office, with Charity and golfing.