Will Basham - Lead Pastor

Will was born and raised in West Virginia. He married his high school sweetheart, Amanda, and they have three children: Bella, Micah, & Tevah. They're also currently fostering two other children. Will holds a master's degree in theological studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He planted NH in 2012. As the lead pastor, he casts vision for the church, leads the preaching, and generally oversees the mission. Will also primarily leads our NH28 campus in Milton.


Ryan Navy - Executive Pastor

Ryan is a Huntington, WV native. He's married to Alli and they have two daughters, Aubrey and Charis. They're also foster parents to a little boy. Ryan serves NH by overseeing most of the administration of church affairs and all NH events. He also primarily leads our NH11 campus in Huntington.


Travis Edwards - Worship Pastor

Travis is from Midkiff, West Virginia and he married a fellow musician, Amber. They have a daughter named Josie. Travis studied music at Marshall University and theology at Tri-State Bible College. He was the first minister ordained by New Heights Church. Travis leads worship at our NH28 campus in Milton and also oversees worship and services at all our locations.

Jeremy Berry - Discipleship Pastor

Jeremy is a Virginia native and currently lives in Scott Depot, WV with his wife, Julie. They have two children: Claire and Maddox. He holds two masters degrees from Liberty University: public policy and theological studies. Jeremy serves NH by overseeing small groups, counseling, and discipleship. Jeremy also plans to plant our forthcoming NH39 campus in Teays Valley.


Heather Allison - Administrative Assitant

Heather is from Hurricane, WV and attended Marshall University where she earned a degree in elementary education. She serves as an administrative assistant at NH and also leads our kids ministry.


T.K. King - Creative Arts Director

T.K. is from Athens, TN and holds a degree in contemporary music from Bryan College. He toured as a full time musician for several years and co-owns a record label, Verb Records. He and his wife, Charity, live in Huntington. T.K. is a deacon and serves as our creative arts director, producing film, media, and audio. He also leads worship at our NH11 campus in Huntington.

Nick Sansom - Worship Leader

Nick is from small town Salt Rock, WV. He's a growing artist passionate about music and song writing. He loves the outdoors, exercise, coffee, sports and photography. Nick will be the worship leader for our NH39 campus in Teays Valley. He works at NH on a part time basis doing music and various media.