Mission Ukraine

Our church's major international partnership is with Philadelphia Church located in Ternopil, Ukraine. Ukraine is a war-torn nation with much political unrest. The political climate in Ukraine has created unique opportunities for gospel work, specifically with aid from American missionaries.

Ukraine is approximately the size of Texas and has a population of approximately 48 million. Only 1% of the population is protestant Christian.

Our work in western Ukraine is propelled by an increasing desire of the culture there to move away from Russian influence and toward European influence. This means that the English language itself creates an amazing opportunity for us to help local churches build gospel relationships. By helping teach English to young people, we help Philadelphia Church (and other like minded churches) reach young people and their families.


Summer Team

Our summer team will be on mission in Ternopil June 27-July 12. Their mission is an English camp which draws a large amount of teenagers. They will teach English and build relationships with youth that will lead to opportunities for Philadelphia Church. Last year, this camp led to five baptisms! Each team member has a financial need of $1,750 for the trip.

  • Amber Bevans
  • Courtney Casey
  • Jancee Crotts
  • Shanaya Crotts
  • Amanda Wood

Fall Team

Our fall team will be on mission in Ternopil October 6-15. Their mission is to work on some smaller, relational outreaches with Philadelphia Church. These will include teaching English in public schools, sports evangelism, facilitating church events, and more as we come alongside the saints in Ternopil for a week of outreach in the city. Each team member has a financial need of $1,300 for the trip.

  • Will Basham
  • Matt Meade
  • Olivia Meade


Support The Mission

You can support the mission in Ukraine by financially sponsoring one of our missionaries or volunteering to go on a trip. If you'd like to become a missionary to Ukraine, contact us. If you feel led to financially support a missionary, click "Make A Donation" below.